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9 December 2022 publications

Switzerland: Designs Laws and Regulations 2023 in International Comparative Legal Guide - Designs 2023  

By Anne-Virginie La Spada

This chapter is accessible here.

18 October 2022 publications

Nicolas Wisard is co-publisher of the new commentary of the Federal Act on forests (Loi fédérale sur les forêts), Schulthess, 2022  (co-published with T. Abt/R. Norer/F. Wild)

5 October 2022 publications

La propriété intellectuelle dans le métavers, in Revue de l'avocat 9/2022, p. 363 ff.  

By Anne-Virginie La Spada

5 September 2022 publications

On 14 September 2022, during the next continuing education days of the Swiss Bar Association, our partners Lorraine Ruf and Isabelle Salomé Daïna, specialists in inheritance law and lease law respectively, will each give a course in their respective fields of specialisation.

For the full program, click here.

27 May 2022 publications

Switzerland : Litigation & Dispute Resolution Laws and Regulations 2022
in International Comparative Legal Guide - Litigation & Dispute Resolution 2022

By Rocco RondiGuillaume Fatio and Isabelle Baroz-Kuffer

Ce chapitre est accessible ici.

27 May 2022 news

On 24 June 2022, Nicolas Wisard will participate as a speaker in the 7th Symposium on forestry law (7ème Colloque de droit forestier) on "Droit forestier, défis actuels", on the subject "Le droit forestier dans un système à plusieurs niveaux".

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