Many Minds
Many Visions

BMG Avocats, a law firm specializing in business law, offers the full range of legal services required for the commercial operations of clients active in various industry and services sectors, in Switzerland and abroad.
Our specialists combine original approaches to provide solutions adapted to the diversity of your needs.
We represent and advise commercial companies, public authorities, associations and foundations as well as private individuals.

The whole
is greater than the sum         
of its parts

We attach great importance to complementarity, rather than individualism.

Our teamwork is based on a sharing of views and a dialogue without hierarchy, which enriches our culture of exchange.

We see ourselves as true partners of our clients. We are committed to understanding their activities and their business or personal objectives.
Your mandates are systematically entrusted to the members of our team who have the best expertise to handle them.

BMG Avocats is founded on the principle of total financial integration between the partners.

Our complementarity is also illustrated in the case of interdisciplinary matters.

Cases involving international activities are managed in coordination with trusted partners, whom we select according to the type of case and based on the requirements of experience, quality and responsiveness that we apply in Switzerland.

to offer

How to be is
worthas much
as how to do

BMG Avocats is the assurance of a know-how matured by years of experience.

Our experience allows us to develop creative strategies and solutions.

We also systematically integrate the human and cultural factor, by which we mean the specificities of each situation. This approach requires openness and insight, qualities that we constantly strive to cultivate.
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